Spot the strategies

Look at the examples of products and services. Which strategies do they employ in their quest for sustainability?

They might employ one, two or all three of these principles. Select as many as you can spot.

So you can see that there are lots of different applications for these strategies, and there can be strength in combination.

How could some or all of these principles contribute to your practice, and where would you begin?

Geometric lampshade
"download, modify and 3D print your own locally"
Solar phone charger
"build your own at home and use"
Women’s fashion
"our ethical supply chains are exposed on every label"
Patterned trainers
"reveals a pattern as they age and wear"
Open source software
"complete freedom to study, change or distribute"
Customised watch
"engrave with a personal message and choose your own materials"
Car rental service
"no need to own your own vehicle with this membership"